Payment from Malaysia (Domestic)

Local customers can make payment to either of our MAYBANK or CIMB account; or Paypal

Payment could be made through:
1. Online Banking (Maybank2u or CIMB Clicks)
2. Cash/Cheque Deposit machine
3. Transfer through ATM Machine / Bank Counter
4. Paypal (5% service charge)

Payment from Other Countries

For customers from any other countries, payment can be made via:
1. Payment to our Paypal* account (5% service charge)
2. International bank transfer to either of our Maybank or CIMB account
3. Money transfer through Western Union for oversea transaction

1. For security purpose, Bank account number, Paypal and Western Union details will be given through email once booking has been confirmed.

2. Please provide us the PROOF OF PAYMENT each time you have made payment by emailing us the payment details to

Automated email from CIMBClicks / Maybank2u can be confusing / misleading with different full name used. Also, we cannot track your identification for any other payment methods such as cash/cheque deposit or ATM transfer etc.